Hi I’m Scott Hicks, a Disabled Veteran from Grants Pass, Oregon

22 veterans a day commit suicide, generally stemming from Depression & PTSD.

Having suffered through some of those issues, I found that setting goals to look forward to can greatly reduce our tendency to fall into severely depressed states.   Have you ever looked forward to a concert, a trip, camping, etc? That’s the feeling of hope, something that diminishes in veterans and leads to suicide.  So my plan is to travel the country this summer and take that message to veterans nationwide. Ultimately I will make a documentary of the journey that can be shared virally to inspire other veterans I did not get to meet in person.

This is the page where you can follow the journey from start to finish. I will post videos from beginning preparations through my return home.

I will be updating this page regularly with dates, locations, how you can help sponsor the journey, and even meet me along the way.

The email address is InspireVeterans@gmail.com

Patina is my bug.

This is going to be a big adventure so please join me and share this with all your friends!

Scott Hicks


How you can help

To give people some ideas of where I intend to travel:
Veterans Centers, Military Medical Centers, VA Facilities, War Memorials/cemeteries, historical American locations, American battlefields, Washington DC, Niagara Falls, and the Dub Splash car show July 6th Dallas, TX (the journey will be highlighted at this car show which is the biggest VW show in Texas).

Pretty much anywhere I am requested to be as long as it fits where I’m at in the journey.

I am looking for hosts that are willing to provide a shower and clothes washing facilities, possibly a home cooked meal?? Military-style MRE’s will be my main source of food since they’re not sensitive to temp and no prep is needed, so a home cooked meal once in a while would be awesome!

I am also looking for people who know their area and can connect me with veterans, especially large groups. I would also like event   opportunities where I can speak and inform people.

While I am working on a map and dates, I foresee a lot of organic twists & turns to the journey. My departure date is June 27th. I am planning for 1-2 months and a lot of it will come down to the amount of support, connections, etc.
I can also really use a lot of connections!  Do you know someone that could help? Could you talk with them in person about this journey?

Email InspireVeterans@gmail.com with information. If you can be a host, sponsor, contacts, etc. please email them so I can keep it all organized.


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